As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our products, VESTALE has recently acquired a 3D printer. This new technology now allows us to produce customized parts specifically designed to protect components before varnishing.

The Advantages of Our 3D Printer:

  • Customization and Tailored Manufacturing: We can create unique parts tailored to the specific needs of each component.
  • No Geometric Complexity Constraints: 3D technology allows us to design complex shapes without limitations.
  • Reduced Manufacturing Lead Times and Local Production: Production is carried out directly in our workshops, reducing lead times and transportation costs.
  • Minimal Material Waste: Additive manufacturing optimizes material usage, minimizing waste.
  • Innovation and Experimentation: This acquisition is part of our continuous innovation approach, allowing us to explore new possibilities.

This 3D printer represents a significant advancement in our quest for innovation and quality improvement. It offers us numerous advantages in terms of speed, customization, and complexity management.

Our Commitment

We are committed to implementing innovative and rigorous quality processes to ensure the reliability and durability of our products.

This new technology enables us to stay at the forefront of innovation and offer our customers products that are increasingly high-performing and personalized.